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The Great Mississippi River Barin

America enjoys abundant water resources, Today the rivers and streams of America furnish 63 % of the water supply for cities, towns and farmlands, 93% of the water used by industry, and almost all of the water used to create electric power. 

Unlike some other countries, Amcrica as a whole has little trouble as caused by the shortage of fresh water.

The Mississippi River Basin between the Appalachians and the Rockies is one of the largest areas of Uadand in the world, which takes up about half of the continental United States, and covcrs a distance of some 2,000 kilometers in width.

The northeastern part of this region is called the Middle West It lies in the general area of the Great Lakes. From east to west, the states in the Middle West are Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois. Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota. This region has great mineral, resources, rich soil, a good climate for agriculture, fertile plains, low rolling hills, and no high mountains. It is one of the richest sections of the U5.

The large area to the west of the Mississippi valley is called the Great Plains. It covers, from north to south,these five states:North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. This area appears to be very flat, which rises gradually toward the west, Except for a few widely separated sections,there are no trees or forests in this whole region. The soil here is generally fertile. Wheat and com are important crops in the plains states. But in the west sections, cattle raising is more important.

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